Want Some Simple, Real World Proven Strategies For More Confidence, Grit, Success, Freedom And Joy?

This Book Shows You How To “Unblock” Your Potential By Rebuilding Your Confidence Without Feeling Burned Out Or Hitting A Plateau!

The amount of work and incredible people from around the world that was put into this book is quite remarkable. The experiences, wisdom, thoughts, inspiration, and motivation between the front and back book cover is priceless and takes many lifetimes to achieve.

Brian J. Esposito

From The Desk Of Gisbert Reuter

How Would Your Life Be With Priceless Insights That Multiply Your Wealth, And Reinvent Your Quality Of Life?

The amount of work and incredible people from around the world that was put into this book is quite remarkable. The experiences, wisdom, thoughts, inspiration, and motivation between the front and back book cover is priceless and takes many lifetimes to achieve.

Brian J. Esposito

CEO and Founder of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, Top-10 CEO of the Year 2020 and Global Business Leaders Mag “Top #3 in the Top-10 Admired Companies Which Everyone Should Know.” Brian is looking back on a +16-billion-dollar track record within his past +20 years in business.

From The Desk Of Gisbert Reuter

Award Winning Creative Director, 2-Times #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Advisor and Initiator of World Unlocked

How Would Your Life Be With Priceless Insights That Multiply Your Wealth, And Reinvent Your Quality Of Life?

Every creation is preceded by a vision that releases unimagined power. This book is about the TRUTH that empowers your VISION. You learn one essential truth which runs like a red thread through all the true stories of the people in the book: It is the inner guide that always leads us on the right path. You only have to move away what is obstructive. And then it is often a gift when you realize what you really want, what you are here for. Then you can walk the way to your destiny. This is a liberation from any causality.

Walter Gunz

Iconic Entrepreneur, Founder of MediaMarkt, Europe’s largest consumer electronics chain. He left the company after growing it from zero to 11 figures.

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The expertise, the knowledge, the insights packed into this book give an inspiring input into the most diverse areas of life. What if everyone could bring their uniqueness into the world and make a great contribution - on a small or large scale? This book gives you extraordinary impulses for this.

Dr. Martina Geromin

Co-Founder & CEO of School Beyond Limitations. Martina is committed to helping young people live their uniqueness and realize it for the sake of society. With her School Beyond Limitations, she offers a very exceptional and innovative solution that rethinks and implements 'school'. In World Unlocked, you'll learn from Martina how, beyond dreams, also miracles can come true.

Voices of people who have already read the still unpublished work:



As you see on the cover, no one person is credited as “the author,” World Unlocked is “written by friends!” It is the combined contributions and connection of all these experts—these “friends”—who are here for you that make this compilation of stories so unique and valuable. 


We’ve all been on the path of unlocking our own gifts and wish to share our journeys with you. We bring years of hard-earned insights, and whoever you are, and wherever you may come from, you will find instant inspiration and intrinsic motivation from our individual trials and triumphs.

Michael Hauge, Top storytelling consultant

Michael has advised actors like Will Smith, and consulted on movies starring Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon, and has also consulted for some of the legends of internet marketing, like Matt Bacak, who generated more than $10 million with just one webinar story that implemented the power of storytelling he learned from Michael. Or Russell Brunson, who incorporated Michael’s excellent approach to StorySelling into ClickFunnels. In short, Michael’s consulting clients are not only creating multi-million dollar incomes, they are changing lives, exponentially, based on what they’ve learned from him. Probably most personal for me is how much I have increased not just my communication skills, but my ability to create change and improve others’ lives, all because of Michael’s idea to: “Follow stories, look at stories, learn stories and tell stories.”

Brian J. Esposito, CEO and Founder of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises

Vikash has 4 decades of stellar experience, growing diverse businesses on his journey to become a managing director of a half a billion-dollar company. Along his path, he has had to pass through bankruptcy twice. And he shares why this was a stroke of luck in this book. Vikash said to me in our interview, “I’m sorry I’m using that word ‘honest’ so often. But this is the way forward for this world,” and his words shaped the creation of this book! Get ready to learn more in “Be totally honest to yourself and to the world—but: Stay Positive!”

Kim Birtel, Archetype Leadership Expert

Friend Kim is the person responsible for the international success of the Jägermeister Brand. Before the success of Jägermeister, he was receiving one rejection after another when he presented his ideas about archetypal marketing. When they heard his groundbreaking brand strategies, most business owners just wondered, “who let this crazy guy into our company?” Ultimately the results spoke for his approach and many other archetypal marketing successes lined up. The stunning insights about what happens when a great idea begins to lead you will learn in “Gone Surfing!”  


You will also discover how this story connects with visionary leadership and finding oneself on all the coasts of the world.

Walter Gunz, Iconic Entrepreneur, Founder of MediaMarkt

There is one organization that says, “We are not stupid!” We are talking about Europe’s largest consumer electronics chain, MediaMarkt, and its creator Walter Gunz. You will learn how craziness mixed with human values were the secrets behind the his success and why he left the electronics giant he created—after building it from zero to an 11-figure business. Walter wanted “to escape from the world of grey men”. The image is about the concept of time and how it is used in our world. Its roots are found in the novel “Momo” by Michael Ende. Walter shares insights about finding purpose and setting specific goals which are based on heart and achieved only with courage. The chapter “I’m not stupid after all! Just a little crazy!” shares unconventional thoughts from an unconventionally unique mind.

Scott W. Zimmerman, Group CEO and the founder of Adaptive Edge

Play a much bigger game—this is the game-plan of friend Scott. He knows “A Leader‘s Job Is Continuous Change!” The need for change has never been more urgent, and traditional learning programs are no longer adequately preparing executives for the challenges of tomorrow. Scott W. Zimmerman is the group CEO of five companies and the founder of Adaptive Edge. As a performance advisor, he helps leaders desperate for change transform their leadership and organizations. In his wonderfully written chapter about ethical leadership, you get the right insights, at the right time, for the right reasons, in the right way!

Joë Marie, philosopher and philanthropist

Human values are the topic of the exceptional philosopher and philanthropist Joë Marie. In World Unlocked you receive one incredibly empathic view on what’s most important in our world. Joë Marie shares the epiphany “About Human Beings and Being Human.” Wondering about why human beings and being human are such a huge difference. Joë Marie also bridges the gap between yesterday and tomorrow by discovering that it is time for the next evolution - the evolution of human beings!

Andreas Ogger, extraordinary investor, Wealthbuilder and issuer

After being a professional guitar player, Andreas spent six years trading on the stock exchange. These years made him more humble and patient, but certainly not rich. Later, some institutional and professional portfolio managers—who work largely unnoticed by the public—showed him how they secure billions in pension and investor money, while growing it with amazing results. That led to Andreas’ priceless experience of creating unparalleled returns which he generally underplays in public statements. So, I won’t even write any percentage number here. His success is possible because of one key element of life: FREQUENCY! That’s right, such a great term, normally overused by some woowoooo-like gurus, in fact is the key to wealth creation. “Criticism and Abundance Exclude Each Other!” shares a hard-to-find spiritual view on economic independence and what is really important for wealth creation.

Dr. Martina Geromin, Co-Founder and CEO of School Beyond Limitations

Martina shows how “Beyond Dreaming Miracles Do Happen.” Her life story includes how she became one the most important innovators for our future. As a child her dream was to have her own school, and as an adult she later became a headmaster at one of the most outstanding schools in Europe. Discover how she stayed true to her calling, how she overcame fear and uncertainty, and launched a new way of education. Her students’ results speak not just for themselves, but also for Martina’s vision of disrupting the “old school system”. Because, if you love your children, and if the current systems don’t bring the results you wish for them, then something must change.

Winfried Raithel, 26-time World Champion in Martial Arts, CEO WR Security Systems

Winni demands “More Humanity For Sure!” The 26-time World Champion and bodyguard of some of the most prominent people on this planet, Winfried Raithel, is sharing his life story that will get deep under your skin! He was protecting people you know—from Michael Jackson to Michael Schumacher, Boris Becker, Bruce Springsteen, and Barack Obama. But it is his personal story that will leave a lasting impact on your thoughts and emotions. That’s because when Winni was just 20 years old, he had to overcome a blow which he couldn’t even speak about for decades. How he got out, and how he came to a level of consciousness that yearns for security AND more humanity—that’s what Winni shares with you in WU.

Catherine Malatesta, President Lawless Entertainment, former Vice President of Warner Bros. TV Production

Cathy brings it all into focus: It’s time for unity! Time to connect and build new forms of purposeful alliances. Catherine Malatesta is the former Vice President of Warner Bros. TV Production. After Warner Brothers she founded her own business, Lawless Entertainment (after her maiden name) which she has successfully led for 20 years. She shares her thoughts about how we must care much more about each other. Reading what Cathy shares about connection, coming together, and working for the collective good—is not for the selfish ego.

Dr. Beisblany Maarlem Castillo, global coordinator of the Zen Doctors

Dr. Beisblany Maarlem Castillo is an author and the global coordinator of the Zen Doctors organization. She helps countless people live much healthier lives. As “Doctora Mindful” she is bringing back health to healthcare and helping healthcare professionals to recover their own wellbeing. You will deeply appreciate the value of her mission when you discover that Beis lost the love of her life by the profession she loves. So, Dr. Maarlem Castillo teaches us that the most difficult experiences can bring the most rewarding solutions for life, saving lives. This chapter will touch your heart and your soul, inviting you to “Let’s Bring Health Back To Healthcare!”

Vivek Singhania, Film producer and Business Leader, responsible for the growth of one of one of India’s biggest retail companies

Vivek Singhania suggests: “Let’s Bounce Back Up Again!” Vivek is a successful movie producer in Bollywood, Hollywood, and throughout Europe. On top of that, Vivek is also a business expert responsible for the growth of one of one of India’s biggest retail companies. After a lifetime of experience, Vivek simply knows that life is like a yoyo—so let’s follow his proposal and get ourselves back up again, now!

Dr. Marc Christian, former Senior Physician of one of the Top 10 university hospitals in the world

Dr. Marc Christian was the Senior Physician of one of the Top 10 university hospitals in the world. However, when he saw there was an underlying problem facing health —that no one was really addressing— he took action. The result: 1.2 million views on YouTube and a life-changing decision. All what he had to experience day in, and day out were just incompatible with his moral values. Now, Marc has resigned from his job in an effort to take his message to the world. “Breaking The Vicious Cycle Of Fear Mongering.”

Josefina Arias, High-Frequency Consultant

Josefina Arias was born with some really outstanding qualities. She shows us how “Our Intuition Shows Us The Right Way” in business and in life. Josefina owns a successful business in Switzerland, and if you want to be a high-frequency, clairvoyant medium, meditating every day and still enjoy material things, like loving to drive your Porsche, traveling, eating at good restaurants and being generous, and having quality in every area of life ... well... Josefina is just the friend to know.

Yakov Smart demonstrates the all-important correlation of enthusiasm, excitement, and feeling great to create outstanding successes. The law of resonance works in unlimited ways, and it is wonderful to see how many of my friends are aligned with my core life philosophy: “Be Happy! Focus on fulfillment: Inspire others to do the same.” What if you, too, can replace worries with curiosity? Let’s get curious NOW: In“Disrupting LinkedIn” Yakov’s shares his expertise—generating leads and converting them into clients—and a straightforward message: passion leads to happiness, and LinkedIn leads to wealth creation.

And many many more...

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